Mes: diciembre 2012

The Radon and Planet Earth EARTH REAL TIME: Giuliani: “The radon emissions have increased, and ‘it’s good to have prudence” Here’s what I brought to the attention a long time ago, about this long-standing and serious problem. PLANET EARTH AS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE

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The Appearance of the Immaculate Conception.

Heavenly Mother Mary, today and forever, my devotion and adoration for YOU is eternal … Help us, so that you can see the work of your devoted children, that will be enough, our efforts enough to make us forgive everything

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The little Virgin’s statue crying blood and the Faith!?

I was sent from Buenos Aires, from our friend and sister Solex Mal´s correspondent, Sole Lugones, the articles about the tears of blood of a statue of the Virgin Mary of the way … The place is also at Santa-Fe,

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