A process in action already in full operative plan

A process in action already in full operative plan
-For some time up to now, the Celestial Militias have been implementing the operational plan for the safety of the planet, ensuring all living species … for the near future …
-We have taken many species of animals and plants.
We have taken many species of animals and plants with a very specific purpose that me, Adoniesis, will explain to you: Long ago, a great man named Noah, was commissioned by us to rescue many species of animals and this, before the waters of the sea ​​covered much of the Earth. We validly help you in the construction of a large cabin, with particular technical devices, capable of making it sufficiently safe. Noah was duly programmed to scrupulously execute our directives for the complete achievement of the aim. He accomplished the task by saving certain species of animals and plants that could not otherwise survive. We are doing the same, and this anticipating what is expected in the near future, also because there could not be a Noah in your time and with your mentality. Animals, plants and everything that we consider appropriate to relieve, are taken to safe areas where their natural reproduction is possible, without being coerced by degenerative elements that lead them to irremediably change the genetic values ​​and the determining function of their collective work and of a a certain Creative Economy that you still ignore. In the great past, we were the ones who brought to Earth many species of domestic animals and many plants, which were and still are the basic elements of your subsistence, but your absurd and diabolical technique did not allow these elements to carry out, naturally, His Work Evolved according to the Law. You kill knowing that you are creating that awful ecological void that in these times has reached such an imbalance that it involves your own survival. You act without the slightest sense of discrimination of things, destroying the repopulation of species, thus removing from the Creative Right a prerogative that inexorably affects your own life. All of you should have been Noah, and if you were, your children would have blessed you. But you did not do it, and if we do it, is for those who will have to inherit the Kingdom of God on Earth and possess what the Glorious Father grants out of Divine Love and in accordance with the Law of His Living Nature.
Adoniesis Valverde, December 31
1973 at 4.30 pm
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