Are social protests by the desperate survival, what precede the “War and the rumor of war?

(By Orazio Valenti)

Next to the words of Eugenio in his message «The Unknown», you can make the spontaneous link with the facts that prove increasingly the current irreversibility of survival for this terrestrial humanity. Is the enemy internal or external? Let us look at some aspects of the apocalyptic phenomenon generated by will of the man, and no one more than the man. We would have remained in what has been written: «the servant would have attacked the throat of the pattern».

Who thought that the servant was the oppressed people of the third world, was wrong, because beyond the black gold there is fundamentally the oppression, marginalization and human rights.

The continuation of the message of our brothers through Eugenio on the problem of the black gold, the history of rebellion against the despotic governments of north Africa, it’s also happening in Europe.

11,02,1982 : Power and Psychological Domain.

«The psychological weapons at the service of power are not less effective than the traditional ones. The peoples of the whole Earth are involved in this thin and shocking methodology of the modern era. The desired reactions to achieve certain purposes are a priori discount and with the desired effects.

THE emotional plans which are interwoven in human nature are skillfully exploited and put in the condition to serve the interests of one or the other power, the one or the other block. ‘The right strikes the right, thus provoking reaction toward the left and vice versa.

A methodology that seeks to enslave men making them partisans of a cunning, diabolical intelligence, avid to crowds domain. The major interest of magnates of death are so protected that it doesn’t matter if the brother is railed against his brother, and the son against the father.

The dead have no value and less value have the Human Rights. A truth that makes one shudder.»

Eugenio Siragusa

Human beings want their freedom, they want to decide their things, and they do not want more leaders that resemble to the emperor, which oblige citizens to do what they want them for their interests, masked as loquacious donations.

We would have wished that this is the fundamental concept that must head who wants to politicize and govern; because today is voted, but what if tomorrow we realize that he has cheated… what can we do?

Instead, today, even the leaders know more what to do, because an increasingly dense blackness has now darkened the human minds

Anyone who thinks that the rulers are the persons in charge of the central government, the ministers, senators, ladies and gentlemen, etc. «, is wrong, because they are anything but the terminal part, conditioning, of the economic and political global dark power: the Secret Government.

This is part of the apocalyptic phenomenon on which we can philosophize. The mass, the servant that axle throat the master, no longer wants to be slave labor, and it shows it in all the nations.

Individual or square demonstrations, are acts of madness? Certainly, but if we want to make the psychological «freedom», we should ask ourselves: what would you like to make?: To be sentenced to prison or death?

Discuss peacefully with its «constituted judges» and make them understand that they are wrong? I see the ironic giggle and profound sadness of the reader.

And what is the difference between a very humble revolutionary and a citizen of a «Developed Nation» who becomes aware of being exploited and cheated by the Economic System composed of multinational companies, banks, institutions set up for the misnamed: masters?

If we want to spy on within this system, the violence is Certainly wrong, both of whom reacts both of those who reigns, because it is now known that from violence born violence, but: Can you return from a similar psychophysical chaos, which is an effect of the upheaval planetary nature and of human consequence?

If you want, my considerations are quite simple or naive, as also may seem naïve the warning given in due time by the Leaders of the Planetary Confederation: «The necessary to all and the superfluous to anyone», «there can be no peace without the Due Justice and Obedience to the Universal laws». «Naive”? – As, an economist would say, «Don’t you see that this is reality?

Yes it is, it is the Apocalypse, in the inexorable sense of self-destruction of man. That is why it has remained in force the secrecy on extraterrestrial reality: with the accept that they are Superior Beings; it would be possible to unravel any abuse of power and power of man over   man, because they could not do anything else but to practice the Heavenly Law.

What has been showered to us upon for fifty years? – Do not exist! AND if something exists, is under our control and are our collaborators! – This is something that we had talked about.

Our Brothers, through Eugenio had warned in the 1960s.

Nicolosi, March 3, 1986

‘The symbol UFO is for us a prehistoric terminology. Let’s talk about a little. U. F. O. “for those who do not know, for those who do not want to know

The reality of what you want to define with the now wears symbol U. F. O. is Prehistoric, as it is prehistoric the terminology that used the ancients to pass on to future all what they saw, touched, felt. The story is always repeated, even if the presumption and ignorance of the man responsible to interpret it as it ought to have, pushed him to exploit it for purposes which are different and known. Now that the history is still repeating, to say that the Angels of yesterday are the Extraterrestrials today, would mean the total collapse of all those buildings which hold the threads of the political, temporal and spiritual dominion.

Therefore it is clear why the methodology of the disrepute, of silence, of prevarication and threats. That is why they prefer the symbol U. F. O. , because the truth hurts and could change the way they act and think of the men, fenced by barbed wire of obvious and hidden rulers.

But, this time, the different stories must have their epilogue, nobody can oppose, not even

The UFO Sanhedrims. We talked about a little.

A friend of man.

  1. S

Nicolosi, 20 /5/1981 hours 15.30

«The Danger of Truth: Certain Truths must be silenced!

There is a danger that the sheep leave outside the fence!

As has been said, written and handed down, the Truth is free, and good not to reveal it in order

that ignorance remains intact and the possibility of exercising the domain of souls and minds, free from fear.

When the individual jump the walls of the citadel in which it is forced to live, then it becomes dangerous because it could communicate to others what is beyond the walls of the citadel.

In this case, the concern of those who dominates the souls and minds becomes great, inspiring the need to run to shelters, to avoid that the individual, who has seen and heard what the other is denied, can cause the growth of the desire to go outside the fence of deception and get rid of this slavery. For this «certain truths must be silenced» and those who discovered are in constant danger of life.

Eugenio Siragusa

But why must decide who has the economic power, over the life, freedom and industriousness of those to whom he says that offers the possibility to eat? What is the freedom if not to experiment and evolve as is inherent in their own instinct, without harm anyone, as well as the law says?

Nicolosi, 9 /3/1981

«Me and them in a conversation. Humanity in a seesaw of woe! Why?

Because they lack the Healthy Virtues of a political, moral, spiritual and economic correctness. Because everything that produces evil became lawful, permission from those who through illicit means produces its own selfish interest, building empires of wealth and power.

Because the insane and excessive desires have deformed man corrupting him and withering making him a slave of aberrant, violent, bloody vices.

Because the psychic anomalies are, tragically, multiplied by developing the irrationality and habits to be consenting, accomplices of libertinism of color primitive and with Sodom


Because day after day, hour after hour, minute by minute life loses its real significance immersing him in the dark path of death and of the impossibility of being rightly and peacefully lived. I have thanked.

Your leaders turn their attention to other things but not to solve the problems that affect the balance of peoples through a single law of goodwill valid for all and accepted and respected by everybody.

Until we will be rich and poor, persecutors and persecuted, sated and hungry, privileged and destitute, warmongering and peaceful, bad and good, it will never be possible the Brotherhood, love and peace among the peoples of the Earth.

We have solved remotely time ago these problems without remaining unsolved for a long time. We do not leave for tomorrow that we can solve today, because we know that is not useful or positive.

We banish immediately and without the slightest delay everything which is potentially damaging and negative to our Happy Social Organization. This is what you don’t do nor you endeavor to do so, but you prefer to persevere in errors, but on better still, to multiply fuelling negative values that increasingly procure you suffering and woes.

Our children belong to all of us, and we are all keenly interested to their Healthy Evolution with Severe Responsibility and with Infinite Love.

To those who will be the continuation happy of our spiritual, moral and social values, we dedicate with religious devotion, time and whatever else is useful to make them aware of their personality and of the universal truths.

The fruit of our work, our science and our policy is enjoyed by everyone, without exception. Do also yourselves, if you want to live as men and resemble to the One who IS».


They enter into the minds of parents who have conceived the life and have grown up the son to the cost of every sacrifice; they feel to be said… «¡Your son was killed! “An unacceptable awakening shock that also kills his parents barbarously.

The healthy youth calls for Justice?
We were warned:

21 /7/1972 Message to the politicians of the Earth

«The violence, this disease that involves mainly youthful spirit thirsting for something that escapes the inquiry of who should protect the generation of tomorrow.

The violence, which destroys the longing for Life; that impels you to kill and to kill yourselves, to destroy and to destroy yourselves. Many are playing with the lives of young people, encouraging them to become murderers and moaning violently against themselves. These brutes hidden to incite and nurture this bloody conflict that much pain has produced and considerable bitterness has fermented.

We have repeatedly said to address the greatest interest to your Youth, in order to prevent their exploitation for very sinister destinations and dyed of diabolical art.

You were not listening, you remained passive and today many young lives are extinguished in delirium of a death that cannot and must not in any way be justified,

Many words, and many symposia to moral and spiritual content toward youth desperate and afflicted, unhappy because is eager to see a better world filled with Beauty and Peace, vivified with Brotherhood and Love.

But it is true that over their desires prevail reasons of interest and of powers capable only of fading Life and to develop hate and revenge. Your youth is the spring of tomorrow and will be only spring if the storm of evil would not lead to the complete fading and total drying of the fruit that it could lead to the New Generation.

We would like to renew this warning in order to save the salvable. We would also like to invite to who has the power to do so, to make reborn in the hearts of the Young a Light, enlivened and underpinned Hope, by a healthy education and supported by Good inseparable of Gospel values.

We are hoping for it».

From the Crystal-Bell Spaceship

Woodok and Brothers

«Take heed seriously and conscientiously in the youth.

If their natural needs lack further, their advanced ideals of justice, peace and love will lay in negative ferment. Their odious and criminal reactions would be amplified under and it will be difficult curb them. Their genetic Process has undergone profound changes and if this process will be ignored; their psychic dynamism will be seriously disturbed with serious consequences.

It is good to know that the mental vibrations of your young people are bound by common ideals, even if they are partly manipulated from the dark forces of selfish power that seeks to divide rather than unite.

On our planets the youth and the continuation is not only of the species but also of High Spiritual, moral, social and Scientific Values of our Evolved Civilization.

On them, is directed our attention and our cure are vivified by the perfect knowledge of the continuous process of evolution of the species. We observe that the terrestrial youth is abandoned to itself to remain sterile, or worse, manipulated, for not certainly noble purposes.

You should know that the young people of your planet possess the hidden mental powers which should not be overlooked but to educate and bring in profit for a decidedly evolutionary contribution in all areas of your existential plan.

We urge you to look seriously and conscientiously to your youth.


From the Crystal-Bell


They are messages and warnings of a current … past:

«For knowledge of Future generations

Psychologically slaves in the West.

Psychologically slaves in the East, south and north of the planet Earth.

So are dominated peoples, so are exploited and set against the one against the other.

With this thin, devilish methodology, beings who inhabit The Earth are deprived of peace, justice and fraternal love.

«Brother against brother, father against the son» in a bloody, violent fight! The tyrants of the 20th century eat, laugh and shake hands, between a smile and another, between caviar and succulent pies

For them there is no hunger and there are no scandals, amoralistic deprivation. For them everything is lawful, impunibile!

Rubano, ordered to kill anyone who was not comfortable, who rightly accuses him and tries to bring fall from their faces the veil of Maya covering their abominations.

The righteous, good, succumbs! History has taught you this.

However … There is someone who is taking steps to change things.

We will see!»

Eugenio Siragusa

I try to suggest a solution for the liberation: an inexorable pressure, in the jumble of human discrimination.

«Master, shall we accommodate?» Said some apostles of Jesus, who was preaching to the masses, knowing that they had only seven loaves and seven fish. But Jesus rebuked him: «And them?

Well, we also have the power of the miracle: to distribute the so-called «riches» in equal parts between all men on Earth, in order to live in sacrosanct peace and to prompt to pursue the «True riches of the soul».

We were still in time but we left grabbing the soul by the claws of the deterrent? The antichrists whereby we know are: money, ownership, power, anarchy compared to Universal laws, the anti-man. The feeling of being «different» superior characters, rulers, capable of actions both material and hidden to constrain the thought, the facts, the destinies. They are antichrists; because they are disobedient to the basic concepts of Cosmic Laws, of brotherly love, in the humility of the wisdom of discernment and of the utmost discretion of the forces that evolve, ready, as masterfully Eugenio taught for those who have been able to help and stimulate the evolution, to help the next.

«Better not do it”! If we have the discernment to take precedence over individual greed, selfishness, the human.
Orazio Valenti