By the will of the one who guides my steps

To all the rulers of the planet Earth

Read what it has been put in our ATTENTION…!!!           
Don’t be surprised, it might be true… even more if we believe that for a long time the drums of a TOTAL WAR are warming up …THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA says, and reports completely what could happen: natural disasters and WORLD WAR…NUCLEAR? …

Here are some words of the text, “FIRE AND SMOKE WILL FALL DOWN FROM HEAVEN, …MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DEAD PEOPLE HOUR BY HOUR” Once more, I draw your attention to the time it has been said, written and transmitted through the ANNOUNCER of the CELESTIAL POWERS…EUGENIO SIRAGUSA and faithfully in more than one occasion he has made me know by their express will… “The irreparable is at the doors of this time…¿ “the irreparable is the doors of this time…!!!” the witness of the eternal present….!!!”



Imagen dal cielo alla terra

Warning to the military and political leaders of the planet Earth.

Eight minutes of your time to immobilize, totally, all kinds of activity over your planet. This intervention should become immediately executive when an atomic conflict is verified between two or more powers.

We have so many times manifested that we control, actively and constantly, all structures containing in particular nuclear war potential.

Our presence is not visible, nor measurable by your electronic instruments.

Our vigilance is not only to the super powers.

Our media, which seems science fiction to you, will become operating at the opportune time, if this is necessary.

Variations in the gravitation and change of the earth’s magnetism would be the first means of dissuasion, followed by other and more convincing interventions: slackening of the cohesion force of the inorganic matter and conversion of the solar wind, waves of anomaly magnetism able to block, immediately, any kind of electro-magnetic circuit; total absorption of any type of energy.

This, our warning, doesn’t want to be a challenge and should not be considered as an interference for the domain or conquest of your planet, but should be understood as an act of love to prevent repetition of the same, enormous catastrophe that, in a remote time, cost the lives of millions of survivor beings on other planets, now reduced to inhospitable sites and deprived of life.

We know very well, how difficult it is to give credit to what we indicate you.

It is not unknown to us your subtle violence against us and against the mission of salvation which has been entrusted to us. It is not unknown to us, on the other hand, the persecutions that you contrive against those who are Messengers of our will, elected and illuminated by Supreme want of Avatar Christ who approximates to visit the Earth.

Still, once again, we invite you to be cautious because, as we have already told you: “there are no lambs for sacrifice”.

Our tutelage over who has been invested by the Holy Spirit is always present charged with severe justice. The offsprings of God in mission on earth, in addition to be free from temptations, have the aureoles of Potency and Glory by will of the One who is.

Be attentive not to precipitate against the blood of the righteous, and not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Pray, rather, for the light of justice, of love and peace to ferment in your hearts and in your souls for the glory of the Kingdom of God in the Earth.

Our peace and our love be your comfort and your hope.

From Spacecraft Cristall-Bell, Woodok and the brothers

From Spacecraft Olimpia, Maclero and the brothers

December 8th, 1979

Eugenio Siragusa.


To the rulers of the Planet Earth:

We concede you, yet once again, to remind you that the times squeeze and difficulties grow in a dramatic and grave way.

We are not allowed to ingest you in the development cycle that looks at your free existential choice, while we have been given the power of intervention in the case, many times manifested, of a nuclear conflict.

We have endeavored, in a thousand ways, to give you counsels and to arouse in you, an active sense of responsibility and a greater consciousness about what we are given to know, still, before an event reveals. You have your electronic brains and we have ours with database memorized which soar to millions of years ago.

We have in our archives, facts and episodes related to your history, from the beginning of the intelligent life on your planet and about the Cosmo-physic evolution of the solar system to which you belong.

You must convince yourself that our civilization is much, too much older than you can imagine and our science seems science fiction to you ; our psycho-physical-spiritual powers are unimaginable for you.

We remind you, yet again, that the Confederation to which we belong is composed of more galaxies and is coordinated by an impassable law and by sublimated intelligences by a Cosmic Creative Omnipresent force.

In a very next time, we’ll give you a real vision, large and convincing, of what up to now, we have wanted to communicate you.

We augur you that prevails sanity, justice, peace and love in your souls and in your hearts.

Woodok and the brothers from the Cristall-Bell

Nicolosi, January 21st, 1980

Eugenio Siragusa

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