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Many ask me … and so I answer …

By FIlippo Bongiovanni -We are not biblical scholars, but these verses reflect what is happening today among other things … «..What they tell you, do it and observe it, but do not do according to their actions, because they say


news: a car hits a ponny and dragged it during 3 km THE MAN IS A MONSTER!DESERVES DEATH FOREVERFilippo Bongiovanni We are not speaking but the tragic events full of fatal omens…! “Animals you were, animals you will be again”

The last «ARA» built by the West in the XXI° century-It is not us who speak but the tragic events full of terrible omens ..! –

The last «ARA» built by the West in the XXI° century. It is not us who speak but the tragic events full of terrible omens ..!…/guerra-ucraina-baratto…/ Ukraine war, shameful barter: we defend Kiev but we exterminate the Kurds -Niccolò

It is not us who speak but the tragic events full of terible omens ..!

By FIlippo Bongiovanni … Several years ago, I testified about what is being repeated today… «We recall: at this time Eugenio said in response to those who asked him, and today many have addressed to me the same


Protest manifestations across the country last night in Libya. The population is exasperated by the sharp rise in food and fuel prices. Angry and hungry over the economic crisis, citizens storm and burn the Parliament offices in Tobruk in Libya.)

To the Government of Russia

March 17, 2022 To the Government of RussiaWe write to you, in the midst of this extreme situation that is happening right now in the world, which is the effect of a cause that is taking place since long time

We have talked about this

Filippo Bongiovanni We have talked about this… and I said what had happened, but above all things., what should have happened… unfortunately the man of this planet likes to repeat the same mistakes of the past… (Filippo Bongiovanni) On

Letter to Antonio Guterres 2022

February 24TH., 2022 To the UN Secretary General Dr. Antonio Guterres. There is no time, we have seen you crying, we have heard that you have said: «I was wrong, because I never thought that something like this could happen».

In memory of Giordano Bruno

I propose again, in memory of Giordano Bruno, the Great Solar Spirit, philosopher precursor of Eugenio Siragusa, as well as the same spiritual personality, the One who spoke of the plurality of inhabited worlds and who on February 17, 1600,

A precious good is called…

by Filippo Bongiovanni TRANSLATION TO ENGLISH -It would have been enough, if then it had been lasting over time, an act of good will and very certainly this immense and supreme good could have been achieved … But until today….