Events that confirm the Announcements made time ago…

by Filippo Bongiovanni-

Going through the pages of this time, we find, what Eugenio had to affirm, inexorably the events that give us, as we have said several times, the answers to how much attention should be paid … always being objective … the most affirmative and concrete that we can … finding reliability that everything comes true … as it always happened…
They have not come (the extraterrestrial angels of yesterday of today) to satisfy the curiosity of the skeptics or the morbidity of the occult cultists
No, the characters who travel with «flying discs» are not at all interested in our fights, our uncivilized and unfair way of life. No, the Angels of yesterday returned with a precise and inflexible task that refers to the pointing and calling of those who worked to make the word of the Christic Genius Jesus live and operational. The design that returned them once again to our planet is the one prophesied from immemorial time and refers to the long-awaited «Renovation» of this Earth and of the enzymatic fauna that operates there.
They do not want to coerce us, nor do they intend to solve the problems that we stubbornly have wanted to build. They are righteous and have an infinite wisdom, and Divine and irreplicable Will.
As it has been said several times: «They have the power of life or death over everything that is subject to their protection and responsibility.»
The man of this planet should obey and be in tune with them because it is still true, real, and very certain, that they are the rulers of our sky and the conscious executors of the omni creative power.
From the newspaper Nonsiamosoli, the official organism of Eugenio Siragusa´s work
June 23 rd., 1987

Summary on the reality that the United States Armed Forces and the Pentagon recognize the extraterrestrial existence, and the request has been sent to the American Congress to declassify the approximately 70,000 sightings of spacecraft, initiated in the 40s and the last one recognized in 2019 in San Diego. This would show that many things are not science fiction.

Environmental Disaster in Sri Lanka, a ship with polyethylene and many toxic materials fuels the fire in the sea and the pollution is one of the largest in recent times. They have not yet been able to extinguish it.

The bees in danger of extinction product of climate change and pollution, worries the experts. It is known that bees are a fundamental part of the ecosystem, and it has been said that the day they become extinct, humanity will be in serious danger of extinction.

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