Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin whose main theme is death, in tune with what happens in nature. In winter, life seems to be silent, everything seems to be in a strange serenity compared to the spring and summer period, while in reality life itself is renewed underground where, among other things, the dead ones rest. From there comes the juxtaposition of Samhain, which is the Celtic New Year combined with the cult of the dead.
The Celts therefore believed that on the eve of each new year (for them October 31st.), Samhain called all the spirits of the dead, who lived in a land of eternal youth and happiness called Tir nan Oge, and so the forces of spirits could unite with the world of the living, thus causing the temporary dissolution of the laws of time and space and causing the afterlife to merge with the world of the living and allowing wandering spirits to roam without be disturbed by the Earth. Samhain was, therefore, an ambiguous celebration that united the fear of death and the spirits, on the one hand, and the joy of the end of the year celebrations, on the other.
During the night of October 31, gatherings were held in the forests and on the hills for the ceremony of lighting a Sacred Fire accompanied by animal sacrifices. Dressed in grotesque masks, used precisely in rites in which the face must be veiled with its true essence, the Celts returned to the town, lighting themselves up with lanterns made of carved onions inside which the embers of the Sacred Fire were placed. After these rites the Celts celebrated for 3 days, disguising themselves with the skins of previously sacrificed animals to frighten the spirits that were invoked at first, in order to exorcise their fear. In Ireland, then, the custom of lighting and torches outside the doors of their homes spread to give food and milk to the souls of the deceased who, upon being remembered, would visit their families, so that they could refresh themselves and decide not to play a trick on the living.
The realm of the dead is a realm in which disembodied souls are in a pneumatic astral place (Van Allen belt), and to respond to the law of cause and effect, they enter a phase of «self-analysis» in anticipation of the new reincarnation. . Many of these souls become soul tempters on Earth, and if they are called back with occult practices, they are better at their task.
The damage is from both sides, both for those who remember them, who seriously risk invoking negative forces disguised with masks of light, and for the souls themselves who are disturbed and their evolutionary path delayed.
The conditioning forces to which we refer, exist and are sinister hidden forces within our dimension, fed mainly by the bad habits of our society and by other no less important factors (television, cinema, dystonic music, subliminal communication and etc. .) that many times move, managing to manipulate, after initial conditioning, the THOUGHTS. The inevitable process, therefore, is that man submits to what he feeds himself, attracting upon himself the arrival of LUCIPHERIAN, ARIMANIC, ASURIC SPIRITS, clinging to the most intimate state of man, that is, THE ASTRAL BODY. These entities, therefore, propose submission to non-constructive but degenerative instincts and practices.
The younger generations are the most affected, inexorably falling into the abyss of licentiousness and death!
Their CONSCIENCE loses the LIGHT, to the point of not being able to DISCERN GOOD FROM EVIL, POSITIVE FROM NEGATIVE, becoming vehicles and bearers of forms to induce temptation to the whole society.
Although there are many who reflect, why we live such a rapid process of moral and spiritual decline, it is also true that there is a passivity of the people to remain indifferent and remain silent in the face of similar processes.
The occult
The desire to get in touch with the occult. Vibration tending to procure sensations destined to produce psycho-physical disturbances, should not influence you. The subtle art of the adverse force decisively points on the exaltation of the emergent sensations of the subconscious and on the desire to come into contact with the hidden, with the unknowable. Be alert and attentive!
The negative forces, and this that we had respectfully told you, make use of material that is frequently covered with a very alienating appearance and loaded with conditioning possessive values. For many they are easy to fall into these subtle webs that they precisely and cunningly weave to catch. Evil is not weak and corrupt matter is the source of its strength. But always remember: Nothing can control the Light and nothing can control those who are fortified in the Spirit and fed by the sagacious Wisdom of Supreme Christic Love. Remember once again: Your only Teacher is Jesus, conductor of the True Good.
Peace to all.
Eugenio Siragusa
Conditioning forces
You must be very sagacious in Discernment. There are hidden forces at work, and often they manage to condition your thoughts. We have informed you extensively about this serious matter. These forces can be controlled and unable to act if you predispose yourself to a sufficiently high and adequate Spiritual vibration to prevent these forces from taking over your Astral. We repeat to be very attentive, because it is true that they say they are what they really aren´t, and then propose conditioning or, still worse, submission to instincts and practices that are far from being constructive.
These forces can be eliminated from us if the Repent and the predisposition of the conditioned Astral occur in a short time and with full Consciousness. We still repeat what has been said to you: «a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. «
Stay safe and be careful to distinguish well if you do not want to fall prey to these dark and low forces.
The Comforter
June 14, 1978, 12:45 p.m.
Attentive, attentive, attentive, sons and daughters, attentive! You must avoid magical practices and everything that proposes you to offer the service of your spirits to the delirious desire of the diabolical forces.
Do not play dangerous games and you must protect yourself well from those who propose it.
Emissaries of evil are extremely numerous, and their arts are subtle and often persuasive. It has been said and written: «by their fruits you will recognize who they are.»
If they invite you to mind control, escape! If they propose hypnotic practices and anything that can weaken your spiritual identity, escape! If they advise you to call disembodied entities, don’t do it! Stay tuned! The prince of this World and his supporters, in addition to drugs, possess mental and psychic evil forces that are difficult to control. Say: no! If you say yes, you will find yourself like a mosquito in the cobweb.
I have warned you! Be attentive and nurture the Love of Christ that is in you. Only this Good will make you strong and incorruptible.
The Comforter
Nicolosi, February 24, 1978
hours, 17.10
Eugenio Siragusa