Is it irreversible the process that could lead planet earth to salvation?

-We remain, speechless, and without comments of yet another environmental disaster that is inexorably breaking the fragile man-planet relation …. EVERYTHING IS NOW INVOLVED ..!

-We had said it while witnessing what Eugenio said during His Heavenly mission … We propose it again but  let’s see, listen and then read ..!

Fire, water, air and earth will not give you breath until the day you understand that these are an inseparable part of the Creative Spirit of Cosmos.
The Elemental Spirits will destroy you if you fail to restore balance to where you have seriously and selfishly upset it.
You have irreparably lost  your Mission of protection towards the things that have been entrusted to you by the Supreme and Eternal Law of Becoming.
Your diabolical thirst to destroy has put you on a severe judgment and a heavy condemnation! The elemental spirits will be your accusers and also the executors of the penalty, because of your unconscious actions.
Fire, water, air and earth will deny you the breath of life and everything will collapse with the unstoppable fury of their titanic forces, moved by the unmbreakable Law of Divine Justice. Blessed are all those who have blown the trumpets and who have worked with Love and Dedication for the salvation of God’s creative instruments. They will have as friends fire, water, air and earth and all living things within the Mother Earth, and which are linked by the Most Pure Light of the Supreme Architect of Creation.
The Zigos, enemies of the wicked, vigilant guardians of Creative Harmony Infallible Executors of Universal Justice, are on earth to prevent man from untying what God has bound and from destroying what God loves and which is a pledge of Grace for the happiness of those who will inherit his Kingdom on Earth.
Beware therefore, beware because it is true that the elementary forces act on everything that depends on them, because they is commanded by them. Trains, ships, airplanes, machines in general and whatever else it is psyche emanating from the primary forces of matter, will be means of destruction for man, who has become a genius of evil, enemy of the living God.
Do not fear, you who love God in all his Royal Divine Intelligence do not fear! God loves you.
From Heaven to Earth
The Keepers of the Temple of God
S. Maria La Stella, 22 August 1971 at 4.30 pm

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What do you want to save if you keep destroying?
Do you believe that speeches, words, which remain only on that, can really save?
Your planet is generous and self-sufficient. It is you, dear Earth friends, who are weakening Its ability, the zeal of his productivity.
You exploit badly and disorderly the fundamental values ​​of its equilibrium and the becoming of its cosmic evolution.
We have repeatedly told you that the superfluous is deleterious to the necessary and we have also pointed out that the practical and functional needs to satisfy a comfortable and happy existential value, should not be sought in the many forms of with you, dear friends, are withered up to the point of accelerating more and more a progressive dissatisfaction. You must be practical. But you, dear Earth friends, you prefer not to be, because the more you have, the more you want: you want the same thing in a myriad of forms, with different appearances, a little short, a little long and so on.
What, what do you want to save if you can’t coordinate what needs to be saved and healed in order for you to survive?
From cristal-bell
Nicolosi, January 27th., 1977.
10:35 am

Filippo Bongiovanni

You want to save the Planet …!? But how…!?
The man must have understood