Remembering Eugenio: Death does not exist!

On August 27, 2006 this time, he crossed the threshold to enter once again into heaven.
It’s engraved with letters of fire, everything I lived with Eugenio and then I wanted to first transmit it to my family. Strangely time for me doesn’t erase, but affects always more, and more than I can imagine. Then, getting more and freer of time’s weight and space, it’s as if I have entered and lived in an eternal present, it’s as if I have always vibrated in this emotional state, that sometimes I cannot contain.
Memories and emotions pass, of ages and civilizations, but in reality, it’s as if each one was inside of the other, in an eternal awakening of a time that has closed, or perhaps that it is never gone. But that is for eternity…!
Thanks Dad … Eugenio … Yours forever in the Lord…! How you always wanted, in the Light of Christ Jesus and for the Glory of the Exalted Creator Father forever and ever.
Pilippo and Family


From conversations with Eugenio of September 1st. 1991
DISCERNMENT is the virtue of the future, the greatest virtue of the new kingdom that God has promised to those who are elected. The mission is the salvation of the quality; Heaven doesn’t care about quantity at all, because in order to establish the promised kingdom on earth by the Great Glorious Father, there must be quality and not quantity..!
We do not fear death because we have already won. But it’s necessary to accomplish our mission…!
Remembering Eugenio: Death does not exist!