Boris, is a young Russian who actually lives in Puglia … he says he have met me in Russia at the time of the journeys in 1992. I don’t remember him, but entering in the forum of our website, after my invitation, he was attracted by the argument of the God of the Bible. He explicitly asked me if I could add something else about Eugenio to deepen more … Finally how the passage of humanity is understood. That period, is divided of important moments with Dr. Orazio Valenti … and of his book «Humanity where go?» I took the first response to our friend …

God said: «Let us make…” to whom it was addressed? Were there other Gentlemen in his company?
Was He the head of the expedition? Was He the Archetype of Creators Genes of form and substance, manipulators of genetic and prodigious biophysical, psychological and biodynamic structures? … Let’s talk about a little…

A consignment of Astral and Lords of Light arrives on Earth with a specific mission.
They are Beings who carry with unthinkable scientific and technological capacities. Performers of the Omni creative Intelligence, or Holy Spirit, instructing and determining the constant evolution of the Macro-being and its Cosmo physic and Cosmo dynamic balances. Holders of multidimensional characteristics and personifiers of the most Cosmic Intelligence, they attended the birth of a macromolecule: the Solar System. One cosmic zooid had fertilized a cosmic ovule: a Supernova.
Each macromolecule has its own precise function, a specific genetic which the cosmic zooid transmits to the macromolecule. The macromolecule to what the Macro Cosmic cell Earth belongs originally sprang from a twinning of zooids, which means: from two suns. One of these, Jupiter, and has become a black hole, according to a human scientific determination.
These Lords, that we can define Elohims, shall perform the function of coordinating and instructing the executive construction of the active macro cell, determining the complex and varied enzyme group which is intended to develop the vital energy of the macromolecule, assisting to the specific genetic grafted by the cosmic zooid.
To this enzyme group belongs Man. A component with special prerogatives, gifted with special physical, mental and spiritual equipment, compared to all the numerous enzyme groups content in the macro cell. The Sun exudes the Psyche. Psyche = Organizational material Structuring energy that animates to teach fundamental values of physical life in all its manifestations minerals, plants and animals. It responds to a structuring code program, determined genetics, which coordinates the animism of everything, even if it is apparently immobile, but in reality stemming from a well-defined organizational value with fixed rules in quality, not quantity.

Man, in his desired aberration, deforms the psychic dynamism fuelling violence, influencing other men for diabolical purposes (disobedience persevering) by constructing the forces of occult power, such as institutes of Black Man (political, religious) and witchcrafts
Eugenio Siragusa

THE planet is moving to a dimensional shift that soon will lead it to have a new heaven and a new earth, as we have been told and transmitted… The earth will show vibrations, enough to unstuck off all impurities caused by humanity … This will be happen when the intelligence of the Cosmos deems appropriate. .Really «NOBODY KNOWS NEITHER THE DAY NOR THE HOUR».
The saved will be saved, only the deserving and those who will be worthy will enter the new era. These beautiful and wonderful Beings, who have worked since the night of the times to be interpreters with ‘their’ emissaries, of the Supreme Will of God, are with the Guarantor Christ Jesus to the work, that soon, very soon, will return and will be manifested with great power and glory. There is no reason to fear for their loved ones: children, friends, relatives will be transported, not physically but through reincarnation, on other planets, until they will also be able to make the right size jump to ascend to new dimensional levels …