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The first meeting on the Sona Mount “ETNA” Sicily

April 30, 1962


Imagen dal cielo alla terra



«One evening of the month of April 1962, I felt the necessity to get towards the Etna. I went up in my car and i got underway. I had the clean feeling that the car rather than by me, was guided by a superior force. I climbed the ramps and reached Manfré Mount, of 1400 meters of height. I stopped the car along the edge of the road and went up to walk on a trail that led to the top a dead crater.  I was almost at half of a steep hill, when i saw the profile of two figures highlighting against the blackness of the hill , whose space silver helmets sparkles under the rays of the full moon. They were tall, with an athletic appearance, with long hair falling on the shoulders, with bright bracelets shining as gold in the wrists and ankles, with a phosphorescent belt at the waist and strange plates on the chest. When I saw them, the blood froze in my veins and I felt overwhelmed by my sweat. For eleven years I had longed for this moment in an enthralling way, but the isolated place, the silence about, the dark of the night, the sudden meeting, were all elements that, certainly not helped to give me courage and calm. But this situation lasted very little time. One of the two characters headed toward me a ray of light, planned with an artifact that handled in his hand and suddenly, my whole being was toured by a strange chill that made me feel full of an indescribable calm and serenity: the heart, that before seemed that wanted to explode in my breast, had returned to beat regularly.
I looked them at their faces: they were illuminated by the moon and I glimpsed very sweet features and an austere and gentle look at the same time. And here it is that one of them talked to me in perfect Italian: «Peace be with you, son. We have been waiting for you. Fix in your mind everything we’ll tell you». And they dictated a  Message which had to be sent to the Heads of State and to the responsible for the Earth».