Solex Mal




THE EVENT SYMBOLIZED IN SOLEX MAL ´S EMBLEM , IS LINKED TO THE REALIZATION OF THE DIVINE PLAN OF THE GLORIOUS FATHER: With the event of the arrival of the Messiah CHRIST-JESUS, HIS testimony, HIS arrival and HIS permanence; and also the coming of the «SPIRIT OF TRUTH» of John the Evangelist, the Promised Comforter. The beginning and the end, which both embody «the way of the path of the Truth and the Life». The realization of this whole event will arrive at the Glorious Father.
The Apostles of yesterday are also Apostles and witnesses today.

John’s Revelation holds the knowledge which had to disclose, and which then couldn’t be understood in the revelations of the past and present events.

To be projected both today and in the foreseeable future, with precise predictions, «if mankind doesn’t repent, then it follows a self-destructive process»… All of this is linked to this revelation, to this message. The Book of Revelation reveals everything that concerns the return and the second coming of Christ Jesus, together with event of the Promised Comforter, the Spirit of Truth.
A little later, there will be the manifestation of the two witnesses of the Apocalypse. Through this, as in the past, and also at this time, there is Apostolate and Testimony linked to John the Evangelist. These characters will be responsible of exposing the Antichrist. … and of revealing the manifestation of the Spirit of the Truth. That is why, after John the Evangelist, Eugenio said: «after me, the two witnesses».

SOLEX- MAL feels that, in this time, as at that time, history repeats itself to give Testimony of the most important event in the Will of the Glorious Father; and to convey to all those who want to internalize it, that this is the living miracle for the salvation of every living thing in the spirit … NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO SAY «I DIDN’T KNOW»…

Imagen dal cielo alla terra

 Flying soucers: a purely messianic revelation


Like Thomas, disciple of biblical memory, most of men in this world wants to see and touch only the physical, instrumental and scientific part of these prodigious media that today we call Flying soucers, rejecting in the most categorical way another aspect, much more important and which relates to the revealing part of their presence and of their symbolic admonishments, the MESSIANIC.

The encounters between these higher Beings who travel with such means (Flying soucers) with some particular men of the planet Earth, have the same characteristics as the contacts that occurred in a past time.

To cite one of the most important, which happened between these beings and men of this world, men particularly selected and with psycho-physical-spiritual predispositions which these beings desired, is that which was verified between the biblical prophet Abraham and three of these characters, dimensionally evolved, coming from the external spaces of the Earth…

These wonderful characters, with colorful and wacky costumes for the generation of that time, were called by the same Abraham: «God, Lord, God». (Genesis 18).

This was the attribute that Abraham gave to these 3 characters, and was not the only one who gave this attribute to them. The meeting of Abraham (quoted the Bible) occurred in front of the Oak of Mamfre, while Abraham was sitting in an open tent. That time – the Bible says – 3 men presented (Genesis 18.8 ), toward which Abraham approached saying: «let me go to seek a little water to wash your feet and so you can stand in the shadow of this tree. I will bring back a bite to eat; I’ll feed you and then you may continue» (Genesis 18.4 -5). «Then Abraham brought his fresh milk and veal; and he was standing straight, with them them under the tree while they were eating» (Genesis 18.8 ). «One of the three men was the Lord God, God, who was gifted with clairvoyance …” and continues.

Not less important is the encounter of Lot with 2 of the 3 characters that spoke with Abraham. But, Who were they? Where did they come from? And why were they coming to Earth? These are the questions that many academics do not arise and which are of decisive importance in this ancient truth that once again reveals itself to man’s intelligence on this planet. Who were they? The same characters that today some called «Martians». Where did they come from? From where they have always come, from other solar systems, created many thousands of years before your solar system was born, your world, and much, much more sophisticated than this human expression can mean with her limited mind.

Why did they come to Earth?

For the same reason which have always been; to help, to give men of this world light of knowledge of the real exteriors and interiors values, to teach the law of the universal love, to prevent that man abuse, beyond the limits permitted by their own free will, to invite men not to disharmonize from his balance with the creative force to be fully aware of possible reprisals that this force can put into practice, if the disobedience becomes progressive and cynical.

AND not only for these reasons, but by many other affecting the wishes of the higher cosmic intelligence, which they embody with full awareness. After having returned to say once again: That’s enough! To the Sodom degeneration and to give men a new particular and determined message, to a turning point in the evolution of humanity.

High-concept subjects, which many have chosen not to understand as they should have understood and accepted as they should have accepted. These high-concept subjects, of which the above-mentioned characters are a bearer instrument, in addition to be messengers, don’t mind us even today. Perhaps today, some make of yesterday a proud and hypertrophic presumption. But Truth is this. They have returned on earth with a very precise message  and with a well determined program.

Eugenio Siragusa
February 25 th 1972

Imagen dal cielo alla terra

Who we are and what do we want?


We don’t sell you anything!

We offer, and everyone can accept or reject.

It’s not in our culture to impose and we religiously respect freedom of thought, because we know that is the right of every man.

We don’t sell anything and we don’t want to buy anything.

The truth is not for sale and not to purchase; it can be conquest with love, patience and wisdom. It isn’t part of our great ideals trading the truth. We are free souls, eager to encourage souls which are on our plan and which have developed essential values to be at least good and clean of each low human damage.

We want to self realize our life with the methodology that Jesus Christ has taught us to have his Peace, Love and Justice.

Our studies have a conduct line that we don’t want to share with those who have another, even if we respect it.

Flying soucers are not for us only mechanical media, they are something more, that we want you to assimilate. The judgement that others will formulate, don’t affect us or discourage us, on the contrary, they encourage us to perseverance to feel the need to be free, but really free.


Without a doubt, the disbelievers will not agree, neither the speculators, but we don’t care, because we don’t need the quantity, but quality!

Those who are unable will go away by themselves. We want peace, but also justice; because we know that without justice there cannot be peace.

We want to learn, from those who know more than us, everything that we want to teach us to feel really, men and brothers in the Great Cosmic Truth.

We are against war, against disharmony of nature, against racism and against everything that removes the happiness and peace to Humanity. We are against science without conscience and against the religious and political hypocrisy.

These are the teachings that give us all those who everyone calls: «Martians». We learn with the same love with which the teachings are given.

That’s who we are and what do we want.

Eugenio Siragusa

May 9th, 1972

The emblem «Solex – Mal Universal Language»

«The Sun is the LOGOS of the Divine Intelligence, christic light and father of all things… Without light, life ends… «I am the way, the truth and the life.»

The fish is the symbol of the Master Jesus; At that moment we lived in the age of Fishes… and it also means,literally, bladder piscis, fish bladder…

Known in India, in Mesopotamian antiquity, in Africa and in Asian civilizations, which then passes to Christianity as a reference of Christ, as evidenced in Ichthys.

In the posterior iconographic Christian development, the almond that is associated with the figure of Christ or the Virgin Mary in Majesty.

In the area where I live, it is an area rich in «high quality almonds». Alluding to the fruit of the almond, and seed in general, it clearly converts into a symbol of life and therefore a natural attribute of the one who is «the way, the truth and the life.»

As you can see the intersection of two circles, it represents the communication between two worlds, two distinct dimensions: the material plane and the spiritual plane, the human and the divine. Jesus in his verb

Jesus, in his Divine verb become man, converts in the only mediator between all two realities; In this case, He is the pontiff between the terrestrial and the celestial. This is what it represents  the intersection.

Geometric construction of Piscis bladder.

You can see it also horizontally


The symbol of the eagle of John the Evangelist, the disciple beloved by Christ-Jesus, «the comforter promised by the father» «The Annoucer of Jesus-Christ and the author of the Apocalypse.» (Jn. 14-16) (Jn. 14-25) (Jn. 15-25) (Jn. 16-7).

The symbol) + (it’s the sublimated hydrogen atom… The origin of life… The beginning of everything.

What lives in the spirit of Omnicreative, Almighty, omniscient force.

This symbol is particularly related to the figure of Ettore Majorana, Catania (Sicily-Italy) and my personality in defense of life, to which we have been called.

The similarity that there is the date of birth. Ettore Majorana 05.08.1906 in Catania (Sicily); Filippo Bongiovanni 05.08.1960 in Catania (Sicily).

«Solex-Mal Universal Language» is a universal language and a system of telepathic communication of the «Angels yesterday, Extraterrestrials today» and of all the peoples of the Earth and ancient civilizations, preceding the history of the Tower of Babel.

It is a pictographic language: images-thought.

«Ichthys:» Christ-Jesus, the Son of God the Savior «written within the Christian fish or bladder piscis.

The Christogram: The symbol is composed of two large letters… X and P. These two letters are the beginning of the word «Xpiotec (Khristos), the name of Jesus which in Greek means» anointed «and translates into Hebrew as the» Messiah «.

The letter «X» also recalls the shape of the cross, like the cross where he was martyred ANDREA’s brother of Peter.

On both sides, of these two letters, there are many times these two: an «α» and «Ω» Alpha and Omega; Inside the letter, the latter sees a «T» representing the… TAO, the Force. First and last letters of the Greek alphabet, which is used as a symbol of the principle and the end. Under the foot of the p there is an S, the last letter of the name Xpiotoc, the letter S, which is seen as a crossed serpent of the leg of the p, symbol that commemorates the victory of Christ over evil. The quotation refers to the Apocalypse of John (21-6)):

«It is already done»!

«I am the alpha and the OMEGA»,

«The beginning and the end.»

The two letters therefore allude to the divinity of Jesus Christ. The event of this emblem is bound to the realization of the Father’s divine plans.

The event of the «Messiah», Christ Jesus, his testimony, his coming, his permanence and also the manifestation of the «Spirit of Truth», by John the Evangelist, the Promised Comforter. The beginning and the end, that both embody «the way, the truth and the life».

The realization of this great event will come to the Father: Apostles in a past time, apostles in this time and witnesses. The Apocalypse of John contains the knowledge that had to be revealed, and that then could not be understood in the revelations of past and present events. In order to be projected today as in the future, with precise predictions: «If mankind follows with the self-destructive process and does not repent…»

All this is bound to this revelation, to this message. The revelation reveals all that relates to the return of Christ-Jesus and to his second coming, together with the event of the Promised Comforter, the spirit of truth, that after this last divine event, there will be the manifestation of the two witnesses of the apocalypse. Therefore, as in the past even in this time, there is the Apostolate and the testimony linked to John the Evangelist… There are those who must expose the Antichrist… and reveal in this event «the Spirit of Truth»…

For this, after John the Evangelist, Eugenio said: «After me, the two witnesses.»

The witness, the disciple, the Messenger,

The witness of this apocalyptic time and of the glorious Father.

Filippo Bongiovanni


Solex-MAL identifies itself in the principles of the Cosmic Brotherhood Study Centre

The Cosmic Brotherhood Study Centre

Instructions and guidelines

The Cosmic Brotherhood Study Centre is not a sect, it doesn´t have any earthly organisational characteristics. The C.S.F.C. is a messianic movement, animated by men, women and young people particularly prepared both on the moral level and on the psycho-physical-mental. Moreover, this movement is guided and supported by beings volumetrically conscious, coming from the external spaces with scientifically prodigious means and with a programming elaborated by an intellectual and spiritual capacity that exceeds any ignited Human science fiction Fantasy. The C.S.F.C. is just a movement stemming from the programming that aims primarily to traumatize positively and consciously those souls particularly prepared to receive their teachings on the levels of consciousness and universal consciences and to develop that superior logic that must serve to direct the man of this world in a path of life coherent with the eternal constructive values of the spirit and therefore towards a superior moral, able to nourish the Brotherhood, the Conscious science animated by a constant and operative religiosity with the sublime light of the greatest love of all Loves.

The C.S.F.C. is never going to be a sect, nor it will never have any earthly associative characteristics, but it will always, until the day of the great awaited event of the son of Man in the world, a movement of renewal and rehabilitation of mankind, confused and sufferer, but always willing to accept a law of peace and universal love.

Those who, at the behest of superior intelligence, will be chosen and conveyed to this path, will be the forerunners of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

It is for this reason that the choice takes place with a methodology that escapes the human logic, but which is in perfect harmony with the divine logic, with the logic that proposes the basic principles for a self-realization of the higher values, in potential, in the spirit of man.

So I affirm that C.S.F.C. is a messianic movement and its guardians are not of this world.

Eugenio Siragusa

Valverde , 9 Maggio 1972


The Cosmic Brotherhood Study Center, is absolutely and unequivocally «apolitical»

ufologists scholars who adhere «ideally» to C.S.F.C. can belong to all the political and religious currents of the Earth.

In the study environment of the center, no one is allowed and for no reason to publicize the topics of study or to do politics.

In the environment of C.S.F.C., they nourish, with respect and devotion, the high values of the Universal brotherhood inspired and guided by the greatest love of all the loves, that reaches us from the outside of our planet and from very evolved beings in all the senses.

This statement serves anyone, so that it has full knowledge and that it doesn´t have to nourish the mind with fantastic and non-existent claims against the C.S.F.C. The observances for the souls who adhere, spiritually, to the C.S.F.C.

– Moral and spiritual uprightness

– Abolition of egoistic instincts

– Abolition of coercive instincts

– Abolition of mental reserves

– Abolition of speculative instincts

Those who develop these negative values must be considered unconnected, spiritually, by the C.S.F.C. All those who hate or revenge, or for other personal reasons criticize and vituperate the work of C.S.F.C., will be entrusted to divine justice.

It is also true that the C.S.F.C. is not responsible for those practising on behalf of the Centre acts of criminal or otherwise contrary to the above mentioned values. These, as we have said, must be considered as being disregarded by the spiritual values that the centre develops.

Eugenio Siragusa

Valverde, 9 May 1972

EUGENIO Siragusa, the patriarch of the extraterrestrials’ contacted

Our alternative is ultimately the tremendous reality that every day, in all the skies of the planet and with different methodologies, is offered to us by those who have the power and the means necessary to radically change the history and the course of humanity in itself; We are like mirrors or self-speakers who do not cease to shout in any place and by any means, so that our spirits may develop the charism, which burns in our hearts and makes our mouths move. It is curious to demonstrate how in front of our altruistic actuations, the reactions are distrustful to what we are doing, with the renunciation of own desires and instincts.

There are many who say, «these hide something…» «They will be a sect…» «They are fanatics…» etc., etc…, but it turns out that it is not so, but the opposite, we say neither that we are good nor bad, because we all are in some way bad in this world, as  we are not fair but we are «conscious» and therefore we do what we have to do, like it or don’t like it.

We know others that one day we will be really righteous and therefore also good, and in this way we are predisposed but now, with our capacities, we can tell you about our renounties and our work which are accompanied by ridicule and mockery, discredit and from slander and have woven our personality, not really masochist, but willing, jackets we know to whom we serve and what we do; As a result, we know what our end and reward will be.

On an ordinary day, when we were busy in our daily chores, we were given a nice message from Eugenio Siragusa who said:

«You are not in the world to make adepts or to convince, it is the prerogative of each one to adhere or to convince themselves, and to the heavens corresponds its choice. You are container-transformers of my  manifested idea, is

up to you to redeem, console and mutate, making the bad in good or the unfair in correct through your self positive accomplishment of my nature in yourselves.

Your mind and your intention must not be directed towards this attitude of producing a greater number of adepts; but your goal is to console, to change and to transform, not only with the word and the testimony, even with the action and the conscience, every pain and every evil that suffocate your own existence and those who are close to you.

Do not make predictions above the number of the elected, or judge before its evolution or its capacities in front of the truths you bring, for you do not know the pattern of their spirits nor the intention of those who guide them to you and to your programmed activity. Strive to identify your spiritual nature and make your dictates operational with the spontaneity and freedom of speech and action you interpret.”

What is then Solex-Mal Universal language…?

We respond with its fundamental statutes:

A.-Reception, interpretation, research and adaptation of the extraterrestrial message for its assimilation, comprehension and application to the human three-dimensional logic.

B.-Research of the extraterrestrial phenomenon and the contribution to the clarification of the ufological theme of the contemporaneousness of the phenomena and motives of study, that during the history and perhaps in the future perspectives, will be able to take down the real existence of a volumetric conscience out of our planet.

C.-The Messianic awareness and the dissemination of the logic brought by the different contacted and especially by Eugenio Siragusa, of the aforementioned external conscience. The definition and study of the cosmogonic aspects of man in his triple identity: body-soul-spirit and his interrelation with the supreme Intelligence.

D.-The diffusion, formulation and study of new and constructive formulas of sociological, humanitarian and spiritual design, with a tendency to liberate man from hatred, violence, war and materiality to bring him to justice, peace and Universal love.

Moreover, we are aware that the truth is not bought and sold. Blessed are all who will believe without seeing and without touching, quality and not quantity.

E.-The philosophical-practical research and its rational application of new codes and assumptions of true Christian, moral, ethical and positive coexistence for the operative creation of the real human identity.

F.-The study, comprehension, research of the perpetual ecological dialogue, cosmogonic and support of nature, related to man and outer and internal space to the vital and existential nature of him.

And in another of his points: Solex-Mal Universal Language is absolutely and without possible misunderstandings, apolitical.

Scholars and researchers who voluntarily adhere to it, may belong to all the political and religious currents of the Earth. In the framework of universal Solex-Mal Language no one is allowed, for any reason, to politicize the subjects of study, or to make politics. More concretely, the ideological and functional pillars of the same, nourish themselves with the respect and devotion to the high values of the Cosmic brotherhood, inspired and guided by the solid principles of universal justice, peace and love. Solex-Mal Universal Language is not a sect, nor doesn´t have  pseudo-religious characteristics; The operation of the same and its functioning must be understood within the scope of the Messianic research and the awareness.

Solex-Mal Universal Language  establishes its own existence in the perpetuation of spiritual, moral and scientific values without necessarily associating itself with any of the beliefs or doctrinal currents that now or at any other time may serve as a base to doctrines, cults and religions in the general realm of man.

As for us, simple people, we are nothing but pure instruments of a Superior Will, which has conjugated the threads of our own wills thus making us, more forward-looking and eager for a more beautiful and harmonious future for each of the living beings of this Planet.

We are also aware, that this time, this space and these characters, are unique and unrepeatable, and we have risen on the ship of the miracle and the initiatory revelation to continue our heavenly route, making us available to those who are granted to us to exist spiritually.

All the programming and the whole of the extraterrestrial operations on our planet, are defined mainly in the personality of Eugenio Siragusa, as a conscious instrument of this logic that visits us and where intelligence becomes expressive form and Operating.

Solex-Mal Universal Language is nothing more than the resulting practice of admiration and spiritual recognition to this man, from which he emanates our strength and for which we testify and seek. We want this to be a sincere invitation to an open and participatory dialogue, to edify in any way, a future worthy of conscious and evolved beings.


The witness of the eternal present

Filippo Bongiovanni

Solex-MAL Universal Language and the study texts

(Angels yesterday, extraterrestrials today)

A profound study of the extraterrestrial theme in its messianic side, as well as in the aspect of contactism, leads us to formulate conceptually the following conclusions:

1.-Man is not the center of life nor master of existence,

150 billion universes, polyhedrally  contain, many more conceptions of being in its physical-psychic-spiritual aspect.

2.-The formation of the earth is the logical result of the expansion and the universal sistole and diastole, and the breed which in t

it dwells was created, protected and educated by extraterrestrial beings, who carried genetics and equipped the

«Animal-man» of intelligence, doing it in their image and similarity

3.-The basic foundation of existence, is emanated from the creative IDEA that resides in the sun. Every sun educates a genetics of its own and characteristic. The Holy Spirit or principle of things, is imprinted in the sublimated hydrogen atom; Its splitting or indiscriminate manipulation by man, can result in total self-destruction and the annihilation of the coesive forces that maintain the material and psychic structures of life, in all its manifestations.

4.-The sacred texts, with their doctrinal charge, are nothing but the first scientific treatises of this extraterrestrial intervention towards man, who endowed the very revelation of the mystical religious IDEA, to obtain the slightest upward stimulus to the logical, scientific and conceptual plan, where we should be now if Dogmatic ligatures would not have restrained our desire to progress towards a more logical and liberating conception.

5.-Reincarnation is a constant in the universe and man, like other creatures, must ascend through his «return» and his experiences, to the contemplative plan from where we come and to which we will return sooner or later.

6.-Covered with meat, exist on our planet, other many extraterrestrial operators IN mission, on the already mentioned material-spiritual plans, contributing with their sacrifices to the progress of species:… «I am in the world, but I am not of the world…»

7.-Extraterrestrials supervise with their powerful means, the possibility of an atomic war, which would endanger the

other celestial spheres, causing very serious upheavals, both in our own and in the other solar systems.

8.-If we compare, we can consider the Earth as the cell-containing enzyme-man, so it depends on the economy and

From our harmonious functioning, that the earthly reactions are POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.

9.-The Zigos, or primordial forces of nature (air, water, earth, fire), are the tools that intelligence is used to regulate the processes between the cell and enzymes. Our operation can convert this heavenly dwelling into a hell or a paradise, having in against or in favor of what is around us.

9.-The apocalyptic processes that man has generated, must necessarily be completed in a traumatic change that can crown the new age.

«He who is about to return with power and glory and who ascended to his world, he will return in the same way; I mean, on his Extraterrestrial spaceship… » «The Jerusalem Descending from heaven…» And with him, all the celestial militia.

10.-All the programming and the whole of the Extraterrestrial operation in our planet, are defined to a greater extent in the personality of EUGENIO Siragusa, as a conscious instrument of this logic that visits us and where intelligence takes shape Expressive and operative.

Solex-MAL Universal Language is nothing more than the practical result of admiration and spiritual recognition to this man, from whom our strength emanates and for which we testify and do research.

We want this to be a sincere invitation to an open and participatory dialogue, to edify in any case, a future worthy of conscious and evolved beings.