Many ask me … and so I answer …

By FIlippo Bongiovanni

-We are not biblical scholars, but these verses reflect what is happening today among other things …

«..What they tell you, do it and observe it, but do not do according to their actions, because they say and they do not do …»

Mt 23: 1-12

«To whoever has, it will be given; instead from whoever does not have, even what he has it will be taken away …»

“Pay attention to how you listen; because from whoever has, it will be given, but from whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away ”. The question is, then: what is it that one should have? Certainly not money, but the willingness to listen to the word of God, to the desire to bear fruits of good with one’s own testimony of life, using the talents received to love others, making a gift of oneself.

Luke 8.18

«As it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be in the days of the Son of Man: they ate, drank, married, took in husband and wife, until the day that Noah entered the ark and the flood came and killed them all. also in the days of Lot: they ate, drank, bought, sold, planted, built; but, on the day that Lot left Sodom, it rained fire and sulfur from heaven and killed them all. So it will happen on the day when the Son of God. «Man will manifest himself. On that day, whoever is on the terrace and has left his belongings in the house, do not go down and get them; so, whoever is in the field, do not go back. Remember Lot’s wife. Who will try to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses it will keep it alive. I tell you: that night, two will find themselves in the same bed: one will be taken away and the other left; two women will be grinding in the same place: one will be taken away and the other left «…

Gospel (Lk 17, 26-37)

In the most total confusion, where everyone feels marked-called, bearers of truth, both old and new of certain speeches they have supported and think they have been invested, after wandering everywhere thinking of finding the right path, this time, returning to the previous point, they commit a serious mistake: the first ones of not having been honest, with themselves and towards their neighbor, as if no one FROM THE HEAVENLY POWERS, realized their intentions and the second ones, thinking of attending some meeting, they may, after having done everything they wanted, have the right to detach the ticket to enter the new higher dimension, and perhaps because they find themselves in front of the new designated subject on duty from which it is necessary to hang from their lips … to be supported or recommended !


So … No ..! No..! No..! You are wasting your, once again precious time, you are giving those who set these traps the opportunity to tempt you, deluding yourself that you are on the right path, without making the slightest effort to be yourself, sacrificing yourself to educate your psyche, the spirit to achieve the goals needed to achieve the desirable fitness … for the higher dimensions …

It is ultimately the bait of those who want to redeem themselves at your expense … inducing you into temptation …. from the fruits you will recognize who they are, from the fruits you give, you will be recognized who you are not be accomplices …

Think, deduce, determine ..!

-So Eugenio:

– “Strive to find out what is in your secret.

Happiness is won with giving and lost with possessing.

What has been given to you, you must discover, you must make it yours at any cost. You have to dig within yourself, even if suffering surrounds you and beats you violently. God’s gift is not an easy and comfortable conquest. If you want to have the right to be free and enlightened by the Truth, you must first of all be full of faith and endure, without suffering, the duty to which you have been called to strip you from ignorance and be ready to give yourself without limits and without conditions. If fear assails you and you let yourself be overcome by it, you will never discover anything. Faith is the lifeblood of hope that precedes you and grants you the strength you need to overcome the trials of today and the achievement of the joy of tomorrow. If you are strong today, tomorrow you will be less weak and more and more strengthened in spirit until you discover what you yearn to know in order to be in the Truth and Free.

Peace, the Comforter

Nicolosi, January 8th., 1977 at 4:20 pm

The witness of the eternal present.

Filippo Bongiovanni