Mes: octubre 2020


Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin whose main theme is death, in tune with what happens in nature. In winter, life seems to be silent, everything seems to be in a strange serenity compared to the spring and summer

A process in action already in full operative plan

A process in action already in full operative plan -For some time up to now, the Celestial Militias have been implementing the operational plan for the safety of the planet, ensuring all living species … for the near future …

The events are clear to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear

-The inhabitants of this planet continue to ignore as nonsense fools, the events that are precipitating, leaving a deep and insurmountable furrow … Man inexorably, as the Announcer of the apocalypse has manytimes said and repeated, has lost «THE FEAR

A macrocosmic universe made up of 150 billion universes

-Eugenio has always said … Planet Earth, in its cosmogonic nature of living cell, suffers violent attacks from the man-enzyme … and all this makes it less and less habitable day after day …… Earth is not the best

Erroneous personal deductions

Erroneous personal deductions on the one hand,   and equally personal wishes on the other, that do not find, logical confirmation, in the purely messianic extraterrestrial message from Eugenio Siragusa -But could it be possible, at least once and it could


-I would not and would never have wanted to repeat … what Eugenio had to say during the times and which was announced by Himself …. DARKNESS HAS COME ON  EARTH … !! Times comes and goes without making a