We have talked about this

Filippo Bongiovanni

We have talked about this… and I said what had happened, but above all things., what should have happened… unfortunately the man of this planet likes to repeat the same mistakes of the past… (Filippo Bongiovanni)


On March 25, the Pope will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the immaculate heart of our Lady

A- I want you to give me your opinion on the question of the consecration of Russia.

Filippo’s conversation in the Italy group of February 18, 2021. 1 year ago….

F- My dear Andrea, I cannot avoid this issue at all or anything. You are a very understanding dear soul. In this period in which the work has come closer, I must reconcile everything. Anyway, the absolute priority is the Cosmic Truth, donated by Eugenio, the John´s Christian solar spirit. The consecration of Russia, it is not by chance, it is because the Virgin said about this, so that Russia would not be surrounded. The context of change, the Holy Mother, as she called Russia, should not assume the role of punisher, because if she were to assume this role, it would indeed be very painful, very painful, and indeed the risk is being taken. Consecration meant that Russia should enter in a context of change so that it is not induced or that it doesn’t induce to serious mistakes.

Therefore, the religions of Catholicism, where Christianity is centered, should have opened a dialogue for change. Because right now Russia is on a defensive way, it has been betrayed and going into a conflict of enormous proportions. That is why Eugenio’s concern and even from Rasputin when he says, «THE MOLE WILL EAT THE CAT»,

It has nothing to do with liturgical rites or other fantomimes towards Russia.

This is the conversion of Russia: to make it enter a process of change where it should not be instigated and irritated to assume an offensive action and therefore at the same time defensive and expansionist. But none are doing this, the world changes. It should assume an action for change, it should not be isolated. This is what the Mother wants, because otherwise from there could come a process of total destruction, I repeat «the mole will eat the cat».

A- I listened, but do you think there is a specific exemplary liturgical or

commemorative act on which to activate this process?

F- Liturgical acts are useless. It is a hypocritical act, because it is said to have been done, but then nothing happens.

In 1992 John Paul II, present in front of all the bishops and cardinals, says that he consecrated Russia but it is not true. That is created by man, expansionist religious currents, currents that only keep their own interests, what are they good for? what is really useful is the work of reconciliation of humanity, which should awaken the interest of all peoples, in all sectors.

That is why dragging it towards a nuclear world war, that is what our Lady said could happen. Pius 12 tried to do it, but they say it was very premature, so John Paul II wanted to do it.

None of this, they are just interests, Russia can trigger this process, it is a practical discourse is not a diplomatic or geopolitical discourse.

It must be concretized so that it is taken to what I told you. International political discourse must be directed in the true meaning: the interest of all peoples. The same as the meaning of religions: that everything be directed to the same God. The greatest serious sign should be that no nation is betrayed, even those that are smaller, there should be a single world soul, that should be based on these principles, therefore, this is the truth.

A-Besides Eugenio and the Virgen in Fatima, who else has reiterated and recorded this message for the consecration of Russia?

F- None. From this moment on, you also know it. You are a person to whom I have great esteem, my fraternal dilecion is particular, always in contact and thank you for your understanding. I will be more present. Always in contact and always a pleasure to dialogue with you

A- Do you witness this communication?

F- Yes, I am a physical witness of this notification. Right, right, right

Another confession: when Eugenio repeats three times in a certain context, the word “Exactly”. In that context, it was as  a signature of what he wanted to enunciate. And I’ve said it three times.

You should enter definitively and do not stray any further, always more, in being witnesses even you in this struggle, be constant, follow the path of witness, and you will be candidates to assume the aspect that heaven wants.

Do not twist your hearts and your spirits in this time, concentrate only and exclusively on witness, we are witness, do not forget it and do not let yourselves be twisted

Tweet sent on March 1, 2022 to Pope Francis, urging him to spread Fatima, relating it to the current serious events of war and Russia