Part Two.

By Filippo Bongiovanni

The revealing speech that has come to us through Eugenio Siragusa, is the Cosmic Revelation that allows man, if he realizes it, to ascend to the supreme TRUTHS, which, as the Spiritual Father himself has always said many times, makes man free but truly free…

They now follow each other several times on social networks, on sites… more or less in some well-qualified environments, his revelations, his anticipations, which closely affect all aspects of the man of this planet… all this happens in the vast majority of cases just to show off…!

Just from these sites… SPECIFIC Heavenly Things are also spread, which really should be destined for a very certain quality, but which are offered to anyone who would try to diminish the DEEP IMPORTANCE that these things have…! Behind all this, there are people who will have to answer for this… and that although Eugenio, as we have repeatedly said, hoped for their best realization, to give in an altruistic way, the contradictions that create ambiguity are obvious to push the most attentive to ask for clarification…

Eugenio embodied a very specific WILL… it has nothing to do with «those» who take profit of his words…. and / or exalt him and then to make him seen as human, more or less, to the point, as if it were necessary, according to them, to discover certain «operational» methodologies …!!

What is serious is that His Heavenly Things, repeatedly, beyond the speech that  should be offered as an awaken, are exposed only for their own personal purpose… showing that they are in possession of such things, comparing themselves with others… but they haven´t yet grow in integrity as PEARLS!

In this historical moment, when the apocalypse, the message of Fatima in its full realization, and the Return of Christ, remembering that Jesus incarnates by already being on earth, this Cosmic program … PEARLS MUSTN´T BE GIVEN TO PIGS!

The Testimony of the Eternal Present

Filippo Bongiovanni

-So Eugenio:

You are not suitable to possess «the pearls».

Remember: «do not give pearls to pigs». They would chew them up and spit them in the donor’s face.

You have already done it with Jesus Christ and we know that you would do it again with more cynicism than in the past.

You are not yet able to bear the weight of Eternal Truth, but as the Spirit of Truth is at work in your world, as it was announced, those who have removed the wax from their eyes and ears will be adorned with pearls in order to they  may be aware of the Divine and Eternal revelations of the Creator and Creation.

The architects of the new world will enjoy the ineffable beauty of things hidden to the profanes, all those who prefer darkness to light, evil to good, hate to love.

The pearls of the Supreme Knowledge will be the pillars of gnosis and of the perfect union of the human with the Divine, of the verb with the word, of the relative with the absolute. The triumph of life over death will thus become a reality.

From heaven to earth

March 11, 1980.