Mes: diciembre 2012

The Radon and Planet Earth EARTH REAL TIME: Giuliani: «The radon emissions have increased, and ‘it’s good to have prudence» Here’s what I brought to the attention a long time ago, about this long-standing and serious problem. PLANET EARTH AS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE

The Appearance of the Immaculate Conception.

Heavenly Mother Mary, today and forever, my devotion and adoration for YOU is eternal … Help us, so that you can see the work of your devoted children, that will be enough, our efforts enough to make us forgive everything

The little Virgin’s statue crying blood and the Faith!?

I was sent from Buenos Aires, from our friend and sister Solex Mal´s correspondent, Sole Lugones, the articles about the tears of blood of a statue of the Virgin Mary of the way … The place is also at Santa-Fe,