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Eugenio said this to all who feel identified with his work. Year 1978 … It is true that for loving the Truth, it’s necessary to face and suffer, in silence, with GREAT COURAGE AND WITH ENDLESS LOVE… “IN THESE YEARS,

Flashes of holiday. How many summers yet for humanity?

Paradise can wait From Orazio Valenti Who knows … some of us can remember… The manager who, having given the keys of the Maserati to a servant, unfastens his garments, annoyed by the sweat, reclines on a deck chair at the

World Youth Day – The abortion

World Youth Day – The abortion World Youth Day – Madrid August 17, 2011 «The roman apostolic Catholic Church announces, to those who confess and admit the sin of abortion, they will be granted the absolution» BY THE WILL OF

Eugenio’s Remembrance of Heavenly Mother Mary’s Assumption, August. 15 Th.

By the will of Him who Guide my steps. Please read, if you want to remember this important anniversary that transports us to as EUGENIO «FELT» in the depths of His Being THE HEAVENLY MOTHER MARY… I report some extracts

Are social protests by the desperate survival, what precede the “War and the rumor of war?

(By Orazio Valenti) Next to the words of Eugenio in his message «The Unknown», you can make the spontaneous link with the facts that prove increasingly the current irreversibility of survival for this terrestrial humanity. Is the enemy internal or

The pure and inexorable truth

When they read those words which were spoken, all television viewers who were listening winced. They knew immediately after the numerous phone calls that came to the editorial staff office, where there was engaging in the transmission, and the same


They embrace you, they kiss you, they tell you many beautiful words and then … they don’t resist not showing their perverse nature; they don’t resist bearing the light and return to hide in the dark meanderings of their world.


Boris, is a young Russian who actually lives in Puglia … he says he have met me in Russia at the time of the journeys in 1992. I don’t remember him, but entering in the forum of our website, after