The laws of life and the alchemy of nature with the indispensable role of light

-The sun, as we have been able to verify, is the only source of life that allows all living beings to evolve and manifest themselves in their own response to the creative economy of the cosmos.
The man who must guard and protect this delicate system, entrusted to him by the Supreme Intelligence, betrays his competence by altering each of its balances, giving rise to the signs of climate change that will lead to a radical mutation of the different biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as those that are part of it … ultimately, chlorophyll photosynthesis, the alchemy of life as it is … seems to be compromised
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Hoara, biocosmologist scientist:
Trees, animals, water, air and earth are the life-giving elements of your existence, they are part of yourself. Their great love is to surrender, to integrate into the evolutionary process through the transforming power of your work. Your astral is powered by energy that sublimates itself through the binary evolutionary path of life-death, death-life. Your physical body is the result of what is apparently dead. The mineral, the vegetable, the water, the air and the earth become one in each one of you and, through you, they ascend towards a better destiny.
If blasphemies and crimes come from your mouth, their destiny becomes unhappy, as well as yours, for not having built your sanctification, a task that corresponds to you, for which you are responsible.
It has been said: “it is not what you put in your mouth that hurts, but what comes out of your mouth”. I hope that you understand and thus you can love, respect and appreciate with loving care what for everyone is a precise duty and respectful gratitude to the Creative Power of the Father of all things.
Crystal-Bell Hour
Nicolosi November 12, 1978
Eugenio Siragusa
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Nature and man
Hoara explains:
There is, between nature and man, a more intimate relationship than one might think; a reciprocal relationship of giving and taking that man has not yet managed to understand as he should to cement harmonious coexistence and a sense of real and effective Love. In these times a dystonic relationship prevails, a feeling of lovelessness and imbalances valid only to put man against nature and nature against man, and this can be detected from the reactions of the «Zigos» in relation to behavior and negative causes that man produces with cynical ease and arrogant evil. Humanity is a source of psychic energy of enormous power, capable of coordinating negatively or positively the process of natural dynamisms or «Zigos» (air, water, earth and fire). If the source of the psychic energy of Humanity produces dystonic forces, disharmonizing negative forces, the influence is inevitable and, therefore, the reaction of all other dynamic cosmic values ​​that, although it may not seem like it, are existentially linked to man. If the Humanity of this Planet does not become fully aware of this Truth, radically changing current attitudes, the «Zigos» will attack it.
Peace to all.
Hoara September 15, 1979 at 7:25 p.m.
Eugenio Siragusa
The testimony of the Eternal present
Filippo Bongiovanni
Earth day…?
The Covid is on Mother Earth
As well as in the immune defense are the viruses
Covid is the human virus immune defense for Earth.
NOBODY is exempt. Having respect for the Earth means having respect for the covid which is its attempt to defend from ourselves.
Any defense tool MUST BE USED.
Not wanting to use means of defense means being immune and therefore not having respect for the Earth of which we are only guests, currently unwanted.
We, as HUMANITY, are RESPONSIBLE for this defense reaction of the Earth, and now we must take responsibility for our actions, even if it means isolating ourselves, wearing a mask, being subject to controls, being limited in our freedoms.
Not wanting to do so, does not mean being free from someone or something that wants to control or manipulate us, but it means overestimating ourselves, having no respect, not accepting responsibility as part of humanity, willingly or in pain.
The only plausible purpose of these pseudo maneuvers that lead to thinking about a control of the masses through the media to protect themselves, wanting to accept the concept of the COVID virus as an antibody against humans, is to create confusion.
And confusion is the best weapon of choice for anyone faced with this!
Maria Pía Cavallo
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