PREMIERE – Covid 19 and Eugenio Siragusa´s Messages

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Eugenio Siragusa – 100 years

Adoniesis to the inhabitants of the Earth.

“A bitter fruit of your unconscious and deleterious work.” Now you have to remedy if you want to save the saveable to survive. Every speech is useless, it’s a waste of precious time. It is necessary to activate the common


To the UN Secretary-General Dr. Antonio Guterres

  To the UN Secretary-General Dr. Antonio Guterres. Mr. Secretary-General,   In occasion of your appointment to the highest degree of the United Nations, which took place on 01 January 2017, we take the opportunity to greet you and wish

Filippo Bongiovanni on 11.11 Radio Italy – July 19 th.-

Resumee To be witness of a special person as Eugenio, is something very important and specially, as Filippo is. To have known him, hug him, makes him speak with so much feeling about this special being. FULGURATION. Filippo Bongiovanni: “I

CHAPTER II OF “THE ANNOUNCER” The synchrony between Eugenio´s lighting in 1952 and Adamski´s contact.

The synchrony between Eugenio´s lighting in 1952 and George Adamski´s contact, and several important sightings in the United States, reveal that nothing is by chance, and especially that our High Brothers from Space don´t come here as clowns or to

INTRODUCTION AND CHAPTER I OF “THE ANNOUNCER” Translated to English by Eugenio SIragusa Studies Center

“The God-Men had returned. Their message to Humanity of the Planet is easy to understand by any human being who wish to make the evolutionary epic of the planet survive, the operative intelligence in this world. I say to you,

To whom is useful Terrorism?                                                  Paris attacks: More than 120 dead in co-ordinated assaults          

ANNOUNCEMENT – November 2015 –

  We thank with deep fraternal devotion and recognition to Eugenio Siragusa’s Family   Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center For the Study and Research of extraterrestrial life  ******* Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center for the Study and Research of extraterrestrial life is