Adoniesis to the inhabitants of the Earth.

«A bitter fruit of your unconscious and deleterious work.»

Now you have to remedy if you want to save the saveable to survive. Every speech is useless, it’s a waste of precious time. It is necessary to activate the common sense and to build up the good structures to bloom again when you have wilted. All the goodwill is necessary, and this is possible if you just want it. Long prayers are useless if you don’t transform these into actions. There are many good things to do to solve the long-standing problems you are debating. Then do it ! Persevering in your absurd madness, means your end! We have repeatedly told you to put things in their rightful place, but you have not listened to us. Don’t say we didn’t help you. We did it! We continue to do so, by giving you good advice and inviting you to invest the richness of your work in works that raise up your spiritual and material misery. The time at your disposal is shrinking more and more. There’s no time to lose.

Your Adoniesis

Valverde, December, 28 – 1973

Eugenio Siragusa