ANNOUNCEMENT – November 2015 –

foto notario por tres


We thank with deep fraternal devotion and recognition

to Eugenio Siragusa’s Family


Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center

For the Study and Research of extraterrestrial life 


Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center for the Study and Research of extraterrestrial life is established by its applicants, characterized by the name PESOLEX (EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION) SOLEXMAL UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE –

based in Floridia (Syracuse Province Sicily-Italy) Gelsomino st. No. 13, with the specific aim of studying and deepen the fundamental aspects of identified flying objects from external spaces with its pilots, in their true and real profound meaning. Our research is made to come to light, from the past and present-future of humanity, dedicated to the study of the real presence of extraterrestrial multidimensional beings and all those things of extraterrestrial origin, or outside our vibrational plane, but existing in several stages proposed by the present laws of the universe.


Consequently, in order to protect the name and social objective that the «Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center» is trying to reach, the appearers and applicants and its founder, in their interests, ask  to  record the affidavits.


Eugenio Siragusa Center Studios, is not tied to religious or political, national and international movements, has no profit goals and supports their bases on the following principles: «Truth is not bought, not sold»: The quality and not quantity «….» Blessed are those who believe without seeing and without touch». Finally, it relies mainly, to bear witness to the work FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH, conducted through the Celestial Powers’ contacted Eugenio Siragusa, in which the center bearing his name is inspired by, among other things  on the Notary Scripture of March 2nd.1987, Registration No. 68029 Serial No. 5630 deposited in the notarial archive of Catania conferred by Eugenio Siragusa to Filippo Bongiovanni, founder of the mentioned today «Eugenio Siragusa Studies Center”

At the office of the Notary Sofio Rio in Floridia.