Flashes of holiday. How many summers yet for humanity?

Paradise can wait
From Orazio Valenti

Who knows … some of us can remember…
The manager who, having given the keys of the Maserati to a servant, unfastens his garments, annoyed by the sweat, reclines on a deck chair at the edge of the swimming pool and, watching through his dark glasses, sees beyond the parapet of wood, on the beach, a happy family caring with measured affectionate words the child who plays with the sand. Shortly after, turning back with a drink, feels just as if softly and hopeful go mumbling what he had received after four months, at least a monthly payment. He relaxes concerned about the tan that he will show off to the secretaries when he’s just back in the office.

Or that VIP pair wandering along the promenade as a catwalk, one who widely shows her beauties through the folds of transparent soft silk, and other one with his jacket hooked to the finger of his hand sloping behind his back and his hairy chest shown off flashily under the white open blouse.

In the words of the news echoes the speaker: «The Stock Exchange on a dangerous fall, rashly stages a government meeting … «.

«Dear – she says – have you checked our accounts?

Almost angry, as a mosquito would hunt him replies: «But no! In autumn everything will be raised. Where are we going to dinner tonight?»

OR that group of young people in the car that, after three hours in a row to step of a man under the sun at 50 °, stop at an auto grill and at the entrance to the bar prevents of a clothes crumpled girl

that with her left hand asks for alms.

When they return to the car, one of them remains etched by a blue eyes and humble, half-breed girl.

«But – he says – how many are them; why don’t they remain in their country?

«This is the place where we go on holidays – says another – so there, life is very cheap.»

«Yes – replies another – perhaps they are dying of hunger because we in the west have stolen the substances of survival.»

The last wants to close the speech: «Well, boys, i have been so many months underwater to work and now I want to enjoy a few days of carefree holidays … » «But – wonders still the first – if, instead of coming ten thousand, ten millions come,  what will it happen?

«So – concludes the other – and if we return from holidays and we find ourselves with the letter of dismissal, won’t we be like them too?

Silence becomes along several kilometers.

Or the Fukushima boy, that spoke on Skype with a girl in Kiev. They were looking for information on the effects of nuclear pollution.

«So! – he says – they are without hair but they have beautiful blue eyes»

«Yes – answers her – I see you a little pale, perhaps it is the light. You know … my parents fled from the village of Pripiat when I was in the belly of the mother. They said that we had to be evacuated after a few days because it was said to them what had happened. I was born without hair and I have had other problems, but I do hope to graduate. I dream of being a professor and have a beautiful family.»

«We’ll certainly – he answers – we will be able to win all the bad choices that our grandparents have done. I come to find, but for now i must rest. Shall we speak tomorrow?”

«Certainly, I’ll wait for you”

… Up to the top, where we collect the edelweiss, an elderly mountaineer sits on a spike, looks around for the valleys, and repeats the usual sentence: «It was better when it was worse! He arches the eyebrows and gaze at the bottom, toward the four houses where he went, looking back to the last war when so many talented young people received the orders of shooting one another, and then the war is no longer finished.

Don’t we hear the cry of pain of Anima Mundi?
In this historical period, the expiry of a terrestrial period, man would have had to reach the Planetary Conscience. In his atavistic memory and its current attention, they should be present all the manifestation’s energies of the vital mineral, vegetable, animal, human kingdoms.

The life of every sentient being, in full harmony with the geophysical movements, the swarm of micro-organisms, the growth of plants and their influence on other beings, the animosity of the animals and their collaboration pleasing men. Every sigh, every cry, every feeling, learning of Cosmic Laws, is in relationship with the Brothers of Space, and the musicality of the talks and industriousness full of brotherly love; which are fully aware of the function of each in connection with the ubiquitous and the living Universe, joyful the demise of every soul to new life and evolutionary experience, in full spiritual intercourse with the Mother Planet and with the Solar Logos, Father and Holder of every creative breath, in communion with the flows of the earth, air, water, fire.

Instead, this degree we have set aside, to abandon ourselves to caves of proud selfishness, the transgress presumption, not wishing to turn our gaze to Luminaries nor to our deep soul, as if to say: But who am I? Is there something around me? Am I around something? What rule all this?

We have preferred to do as the ostriches and accept some indifferent madman who invented: Nothing at all, everything is for case». Perhaps because we liked … what? The Madness!

Here and there, on the terrestrial surface, there are men who always receive the order to kill other men, scientific laboratories and industries which build more and more arms, to kill with bullets, the explosive, gases, the depleted uranium or phosphorus weapons, nuclear bombs (because there are not enough to skip the Solar System), the chemicals, bacteria for the battered extermination of the human race; psychiatric laboratories producing constraints at a distance, so we are anesthetize and

be induced to obedience; laboratories that build poisons for foods, preservatives, pesticides; the technicians of super antennas that transmit signals to constrain the populations or move the elements of nature and blow hurricanes or earthquakes; All employees at the broadcasts on the computer for the overt or secret control of populations; aircraft and satellites technologically prepared with laser beams to hit or run video observation to know all of the other and induce them

to do what they want. There are a whole series of murderers consisting who work behind the scenes of the populations naive and slaves.

And so it was that you find yourself at the door the collector of taxes or the military who tell you: «You must.» «But in order to whom? – You think – In what Planet are finished?

Someone has already said, the big society is responsible for the pollution of the elements. Don’t worry about the world that destroys, but only the money that you can get..

To pollute is a profitable business.

If they were entering the use of alternative energies, the oil companies would go bankrupt.

Millions of liters of oil are destroying the ocean and the life forms that populate, between which the plankton, which provides the 60-90% of oxygen of the Earth and from which depends on the marine ecosystem, which is an essential component of food reserves of our planet.

The plankton is dying. The venom of unloading is slowly killing us with effects that are not visible.

They also trade in toxic waste throughout the world, downloading deadly toxins in the oceans and seas. Earning millions of dollars a year …

Conditioning most of the media they do so in our minds. It has become a criminal offense if we defend our reasons, and for this reason we are mad provocateurs. We are damaged in the biology and genetics field. Unfortunately, our children are already paying for the consequences.

Who would have never said, a few years ago, we could not breathe freely or had to buy bottled water until there will be no more? We have been deprived of their rights more and more common, and sacrosanct. Unfortunately, our reality is so dramatic that nobody wants to hear about it.

Anyone who is proper can take the responsibility to govern, because he is immediately rejected

and in many cases is killed. Isn’t it true?

There are those who die of hunger, who was born deformed for genetic distortions caused by toxic, who becomes insane due to the becoming stress … But who is located in holiday cannot think about these things, this is the game of sleep. When they awake involved by the tragedies that increase, will they tear the hair?

We did not even know remember the original error already committed 100,000 years ago, when the Planet Mallona, after having disobeyed and betrayed the Laws of Universal Harmony, they thought to «do by themselves», to be of and rebuild a Nature and a man «in his own way», at a glance: GMOS.

Impossible! Today It is again so … We are back to square one.

This is what we have built the most terrestrial men: his annihilation, to return to first grade.

The so-called Paradise can wait, because we like hell.

How many times have we warned the Planetarium Government through Eugenio?