The Apparition of the Immaculate Conception

On several occasions, I have reported the analogy of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, who choose the date of the birth of Eugenio. And as if she wanted to, of course for the most attentive and for those who know, she gives us a further sign of the deep link between the two spiritual personalities. So we bring different texts of the apparition of Lourdes: «The date of Thursday, March 25th. 1858 involves the apparition of the Virgin Mary who showed to Bernadette, and when saw the girl she said in Occitan bigordino (the language that Bernadette spoke), lifting up her eyes to heaven and lifting up her hands: “I am the immaculate conception». Bernadette repeated this phrase, which did not understand, and ran to express it to the parish priest, who was disturbed: four years before the Pope Pius IX had made the expression Immaculate Conception a dogma and Bernadette said that she didn’t know that in that way the Virgin Mary was named»…

We in union place our trust in her heavenly comfort and her heavenly consolation and we very especially remember her, especially in this day of celebration.

Heavenly Mother Mary, lovely flower that embodies the perfume of the Love and the consolation of the living God. The sun is high in the sky surrounded by its beautiful colors, when our feeling in the form of thought, caresses the skin of your naive feet. Beautiful Mary, preserve our heart and our soul, affect with your divine hands our desires, our joys and our sorrows by transforming them into a single melody. Protect us from the evil and its temptations and let us be the Temple of Light and Wisdom, according to the Holy wanting to who is our Teacher.

Holy Mary, our Mother, visit in every thought and every vigil presenting us in front of the divine Father, operating, being fair and peaceful for the holy program that we serve and we want. Spread your friendly comfort over our steps and our actions, so that they always reflect in the unique and more great truth of all times.

Your sons and daughters in Eternal…
Floridia December 8 Th. 1996 
Eugenio loved to remember her in this special day.

Immaculate Conception
Miriam, friendly Mother, delightful heavenly love, progenitor of Him who was, is and will be Master of Life and Truth.

Miriam, love of the ineffable Ommicreative Light, splendor of piety and mercy, our filial love is yours, yesterday, today, in eternal. We are with you, with your beloved Son and his angels. Our task is faithfully carried out according to the drawings of the almighty Lord. The tiredness comes to us, but because of your love we are comforted and supported, then the force rebounds and our spirit grows. Today is your day and

the rosebushes flourished. In our hearts flowers your heavenly love, our blessed Mother.

Your sons and Brothers of your Son Jesus

Egenio Siragusa
Nicolosi December 8th. 1986